How to Fix a Lost Cursor

The cursor is arguably an important feature on a computer, but what if the cursor actually disappears?How to Fix a Lost Cursor?

For Windows users, whether it’s Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 this sometimes happens. Usually when the computer or laptop is just turned on, or the computer hangs (freezes).

Because this is the result of a computer so it can’t be left unharmed. Disturb anyway.

Cause of Missing Cursor

As far as I know myself there are a few. But not far is away with the driver, mouse or touchpad itself. That is:

  • Problematic mouse driver
  • The system is having problems (it hangs as I said for example)
  • The method does not respond to the mouse
  • Touchpad locked or not working (on laptop)

And several other reasons. Most of all, that’s all.

How to overcome is Missing Cursors on Computers / Laptops.

Because the causes are different. How to deal with it also different. The following steps can be done.

1. Restart the Computer

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

One cursor not detected indicates that the system is not responding. Usually how to restart can help to overcome them.

1. Restarting can be done in two ways:

2. Restart as usual (Alt + F4 on the desktop)

Restart via the power button

Which one to choose? According is to the needs. If the computer can still be turned off via the keyboard, please restart as usual. But if is not, then just through the power button.

2. Unlock the Touchpad

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

For users of the latest laptops like now, there is usually a special feature to lock the touchpad.

This feature can be activated / deactivated via the keyboard. Please check maybe the touchpad is locked. This can make the cursor invisible.


1. Look in lines F1 through F12, look for the existing touchpad logo

2. Press the button on the touchpad logo while pressing the FN button

3. Try checking the cursor again

3. Use the Mouse for How to Fix a Lost Cursor

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

For the driver problem itself the cause can be from an existing system bug. Especially for laptops, maybe this can make the touchpad not work, and the effect is the cursor disappears.

The solution, please use a USB mouse. Or if you have previously used a mouse, try replacing with another mouse that is still new.

The good is the mouse that has its own driver (even though the default is plug and play).

4. Update the Mouse and Touchpad Driver

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

On laptops, the touchpad is available with special drivers that can help to deal with cursors that don’t appear in Windows.

You can install this driver as usual (you can use the keyboard too here).

Oh yes, you can find drivers via DVD or through the official website of the laptop. Some of them:

The others can search on Google. On the official site, try searching for the driver page then look for the touchpad driver.

5. Reinstall the Driver through the Device Manager

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

Still is related to the driver if you have previously installed the driver, whether touchpad or mouse, maybe the driver is having problems again.

We can fix it via Device Manager. The method is this:

1. Press the Windows key + R to open the RUN menu

2. Please type devmgmt.msc then press Enter

3. Press the Tab key then use the arrow keys to open the Mice and other pointing devices menu

4. Press Enter in the mouse driver

5. Open the driver tab, and then press the Update Driver button

You need to wait a few times until the process is complete. If so, please restart the computer.

6. Reinstall for How to Fix a Lost Cursor

How to Fix a Lost Cursor

Well, finally you can try to reinstall. This step is intended to repair systems that are already damaged. Re-install can be done as usual. Because usually the process of installing the cursor that was missing will usually be seen again. And after it’s finished, the cursor will appear as usual.

The final work How to Fix a Lost Cursor

There is a little discussion of tips on how to deal with missing cursors in Windows. For computer and laptop users, this error is certainly quite annoying. I myself have not counted how many times to see the cursor that does not appear. Luckily, until now, it’s always normal