How to minimize the Windows 10

How to minimize the Windows 10? Icons on the Windows desktop have their own functions. Generally, yes, to make it easier when we want to open an application. This icon by default already exists. Even so, sometimes there are also problems that make icons in Windows look big. Well, actually it doesn’t affect anything. It’s just that in terms of aesthetics less attractive to be seen. Also can make us feel uncomfortable too here.

How to minimize the size of the icon in Windows 10

For Windows 10 users, it’s really very simple to minimize this desktop icon. I will discuss it in full here. So that later you are free to choose which method. Let’s discuss:

1.How to minimize the Windows 10 through the Desktop

There is simplest and most common way. In Windows there are 3 types of icon sizes. Namely:




Normally this icon setting is in medium size. If you feel the icon size is too large, maybe the setting is large.

Please change to medium:

Right-click on a blank part of the Windows 10 desktop

Open the view menu

Then set it to the medium icons

This method is also suitable for those who feel the size of the Windows icon is too small. Or conversely, if the medium is still too large, change the setting to small.

2.How to minimize the Windows 10 Using the Ctrl + Mouse Scroll up Combination

How to minimize the Windows 10

If the previous option, icon size settings will be adjusted according to the default Windows.

This is sometimes the problem. It may be that we feel the icon still does not suit the screen size. Either it’s too small or big.

The solution is we can use the Ctrl + scroll combination on the mouse:

Click the blank part of the desktop

Press Ctrl + Scroll Up to enlarge the icon

Press Ctrl + Scroll Down to minimize the icon

Just set it up. The size can be custom later, because every time we scroll the icon will change several pixels automatically.

3. How to minimize the Windows 10 Minimize the icon in the Taskbar

Just like on the desktop, the size of the icon on the taskbar also influences our comfort when using a computer or laptop.

The icon on the taskbar is actually the right size. So it doesn’t need to be changed anymore. It’s just that, for some users there may still be something lacking according to the format.

The solution, we can adjust the size using the small mode:

Right-click the taskbar

Click Taskbar Settings

Please check the Use small taskbar icons

Done, now the taskbar is changing its size to small

This setting is recommended for those who use a small monitor size. For example 16 inches down, so that the desktop display can be wider.

4. How to minimize the Windows 10Adjust the Monitor Screen Resolution

This screen resolution affects the display icon. The greater is the resolution, the greater the display icon.

The point is, anyway, the system resolution settings should be adjusted to the monitor specifications.

Well, this happens sometimes. Settings do not match.

Follow these steps to minimize the icon:

Right-click on the desktop

Click Display Settings

Open the Display resolution settings

To minimize the icon, please change the settings as needed

In the menu there are also recommended options. This option is the best resolution setting, Windows detection results on the monitor screen specifications.

5. How to minimize the Windows 10r Adjust Display Scale

This screen scale affects all displays in Windows. From the taskbar, applications and icons.

Still related to the previous resolution settings, if you feel the icon is too big, maybe the scaling settings are wrong.

Set by:

Right-click on the desktop> Then open Display Settings

Open the Display Resolution setting

Setting the scale please set it to 100%

Already? Save the settings. Now the icon will appear smaller.

6. How to minimize the Windows 10 Set the Icon in the File Explorer

Well, for this one specifically for File Explorer. Because as we know, File Explorer is one of the most widely opened Windows features besides desktop.

Here’s how to set it:

Open File Explorer in Windows 10

Click the View tab at the top

Settings icon settings in the column there

There are medium, large and extra-large modes. If I usually use the large setting, it already feels right.

The final word

That’s a little discussion about how to shrink the icon in Windows 10. These simple steps can be done if you feel the desktop icon display is not appropriate.

If there is anything that needs to be asked, please send it via comments.