SHAREit Free Download for Desktop

If you find it difficult to transfer files from different devices such as phones, computers, and tablets then you do not need to worry anymore. The SHAREit free download for desktop has got you covered by allowing you to transfer files from one desktop to another, desktop phone or even desktop to tablet. Using the SHAREit free download for desktop you can send files, photos, videos and even app from one device to another. One of the features of this app is to allow you transfer files better without using the cloud storage.

How SHAREit Free Download for Desktop

For you to transfer files the two devices need to have the app installed and running. One misconception about this app is that it transfers data over a general wifi connection or a Bluetooth connection. It does not do that technology instead it creates a direct wireless connection for up to five devices. Once all the devices are connected to each other the files can then be sent and received. The other incredible feature about the SHAREit free download for desktop is that you can clone a device and send it content to the other device that is connected to it.

What to do if SHAREit Free Download for Desktop does not work.

This is a multi platform app hence the problems can arise at any angle that might make the app, not to work. When there is a problem there is always a troubleshooting option. The app self-creates a hotspot that other devices connect to it. Thus in case of any problem in transferring files, you will have to go to the setting menu and turn on the hotspot option. Also, the buggy nature of the app might cause the app not to respond and thus in case of that, you will have to restart the apps for both the devices and the reconnect for you to share your files.

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